2021 National Trench Safety Stand Down Week – 2021

Perry Engineering participated in the National Trench Safety Stand-Down Week again this year with 30 employees among 6 utility crews. Trenching work is some of the most dangerous construction work performed. Nationwide in 2020 there were 21 workers killed and many others injured while performing trenching work. A safety stand-down is a time to stop and talk to employees in the field about trenching hazards and the methods we use to control those hazards. We reviewed the OSHA standards that apply to trenching and discussed solutions to trench safety problems we might encounter. The stand-down is supplemented by a discussion of trench safety during the weekly crew safety meeting that week. All of our employees are OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour construction safety trained which includes a module on trench safety, so the stand-down and weekly safety meeting serve as a good reminder of proper procedures.