September 2016 Safety Suggestion Winners

September 2016 Crew Safety Suggestion Winner

Wayne Anderson’s crew won the September 2016 crew safety suggestion award. The topic was “How do we improve safety incentives and how do we motivate people to work safely and reward them when they do?” The crew suggested that the safety incentives we have are working well for many of the crews but other crews are not participating. They suggested that the supervisor needs to put safety first, not cut corners to get the job done faster, and constantly remind the crew about safety for themselves and all the other workers around them. Wayne’s crew was rewarded with a lunch at the Wood Grill Buffet in Harrisonburg, VA. Those participating in the lunch were Wayne Anderson, Clark Rasmussen, Randy Sims, Billy Rieger, Justin Albright, Mike Perry, Kevin Firebaugh, Ken Pracht and Laura Cooper.


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