Advanced First Aid/CPR – First Responder Training

Perry Engineering has made a commitment to improve employee safety by providing ASHI Advanced First Aid/CPR for Non-EMS Personnel training to all supervisory employees and Basic First Aid/CPR training to all hourly employees, instructed by Lord Fairfax EMS Council staff. This goes far and beyond the OSHA requirement to have only one first aid trained employee on a project, but we feel it is important to have immediate trained help available should a serious injury occur. The Advanced class is an intensive 2 ½ days of training for First Responders where they learn patient assessment, trauma care,bleeding control, maintaining an airway, and many other topics. It is hands-on instruction with real-life accident scene scenarios. This also benefits the employees’ families and the community by creating additional trained First Responders who could provide care until an ambulance arrives. We hope that the training never has to be used, but the knowledge could mean the difference between life and death should a catastrophic injury occur.