2018 2nd Quarter Safety Award Winners

The following crews earned the 2nd Quarter 2018 Safety Awards  for their exceptional safety performance:

Grading Crew – Large: Rick Vaughn, Bradley Gladden, Tommy Lambert, Jimmy Peer, Mark Propst

Grading Crew – Small: Tim Mullins, Jon James

Pipe Crew: Jerry Clarke, Gary Athey

Gas Crew: Daren Hawes, Brian Carter, William Funkhouser

Support Crew: Tagg Shiley, Jimmy Johnson, Chuck Miller, Wayne Miller, Greg Quilling, James Runion, Tim Smoot

The award is based on the crew’s complete safety performance for the quarter, including the percentage of weekly safety meetings completed, percentage of safety suggestions submitted, percentage of weekly safety inspections completed, results of safety inspections, and disciplinary actions required. The winning crew members must have worked on the crew for 30 days or more during the quarter to qualify for the award. The winners each receive $200, a commendation letter, a special t-shirt and hard hat sticker, and their names are posted in an ad in the Winchester Star newspaper. The winners are also eligible for consideration for Safe Crew of the Year.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Good job!