1 Million Work Hours Without a Lost Workday Injury

1 Million Work Hours Without a Lost Workday Injury

Through total teamwork and commitment, on August 6, 2018, Perry Engineering achieved our goal of 1 million work hours without a lost workday injury. This journey took more than 4 years to achieve. It was accomplished through a multi-faceted approach including an increased emphasis on safety training for supervisory and field employees, implementation of safety suggestions from the field, employee rewards and recognition for safety accomplishments, creation of a strong safety committee with both management and field participation, frequent meetings with field-level employees to discuss work specific safety topics, creation of site specific safety plans to address the unique hazards of each site, increased inspections and prompt attention to identified problems, and thorough incident investigations to determine root causes and corrective actions, among other things. This would not have been possible without a total commitment to safety by top management which provided the funding, resources and time necessary to complete these tasks.

Preventing injuries has many benefits, some of which include:

–             Employees do not endure the pain and suffering of injuries and can be more productive, as well as doing the things they like to do after work.

–             Less time is wasted on work slowdowns due to an injury, attending medical visits with the injured employee, conducting investigations, etc.

–             The Company is more profitable because we don’t have injury costs and this saved money is reinvested in raises, bonuses, and new equipment.

–             Workers comp insurance is less expensive because it is based in part on injury frequency and injury treatment costs.

–             The Company is awarded more work because our workers comp EMR is used to select who can bid on many projects.

–             We maintain a reputation as a safe, high quality company.

We want to thank the employees of Perry Engineering who worked so hard to make this achievement possible! It would not have been possible without you!