Safe Employee of the Month – January 2017

Safe Employee of the Month

 Perry Engineering has chosen Larry Shade, dozer operator, as our safe employee of the month. Larry has worked for us since 2005 and was nominated by several foremen. Some of the comments made about him include, “he takes care of his equipment and checks it out every morning. He’s always in a good mood and never has a problem with anything he is asked to do. He watches his surroundings for safety hazards. He has the dump truck operator dump where it is safe, even if it means more work for him to push the material to where it is needed. He always wears his protective equipment without being told. He listens when told what to do and asks questions if he is unsure. He pays attention to the Miss Utility locator marks. An all around good employee.” Larry exemplifies our goals of Safety, Quality, and Productivity.