Safe Employee of the Month – May 2021

Perry Engineering has chosen Thomas Lambert Jr. as our Safe Employee of the Month. Tommy has worked for us for 22 years as a pipe crew heavy equipment operator. He was nominated by his foreman who wrote, “Tommy unloads pipe and other material, keeping it in an orderly fashion and chocking pipe to keep it from moving or rolling. He lets me know if the stone pile is starting to get dry (silica dust health hazard). He keeps a close eye on the lifting devices. He helps move spoil piles away from the ditch when in a deep excavation to help the excavator operator manage his dirt. He gets all the tools needed for the day’s work and makes sure they are put away. He uses the proper personal protective equipment needed for the day’s work. Keeps the tool trailer organized for safe access and finding things. He keeps his loader in clean working order.” Tommy Lambert Jr is a good example of the Perry Priorities of Safety, Quality, and Production.