Nov-Dec 2014 Safety Suggestion Breakfast

On Jan. 22, 2015 Perry Engineering held a breakfast at Perkin’s Restaurant for the winners of the Nov-Dec 2014 Monthly Safety Suggestion program.  The breakfast had been postponed due to vacations, holidays and weather.  Mike Perry spoke about the importance of safety as it relates to employees, families, and the Company as a whole.  Thirty-one were in attendance.  Those attending were: Mike Perry, Ken Pracht, Billy Rudolph, Brad Allen, Edgar Baker, Jesse Mulledy, William Funkhouser, Anthony Lane, Mark Jordan, Stephen Bass, Luther Laing, Terry Taylor, Larry Shade, Jason Warner, Jeff Kline, Ronald Roomsburg, Brent Heishman, Richard Baker II, Randy Sims, Timothy Butler, Brian Shifflett, Tyler Smith, Chris Bowers, Jake Kline, Terry Graham, Tracey Marston, Mike Clem, Stacey Marston, Donald Didawick, Andy Didawick, Merle Drury, and Brian May.

1-22-15 Nov-Dec 2014 safety suggestion breakfast