July Monthly Safety Award Winners

Our monthly safety award winners for July are:

 Monthly Employee Suggestion – Rick Vaughn – $100 award – suggested a way to improve our GPS base station with a solar charger and battery box. The solar charger keeps the battery charged and prevents problems with GPS, as well as improving safety by not having to handle the battery so much.

 Monthly Crew Suggestion – Tagg Shiley, Chuck Miller, Peanut Runion, Wayne Miller, Greg Quilling, Tim Smoot, Jimmy Johnson (The Shop) – lunch award – the topic was “How do we reduce unproductive time?”. The Shop suggested we take ownership and be more productive with downtime by cleaning trash out of equipment; check the lube trailer for leaks, replace the absorbent towels in the drip pan, and check the overhead tarp; check inspection stickers on the trucks and trailers to make sure they are current; check air pressure on rubber tire machines, do a general walk-around inspection of equipment; grease equipment; and/or have a safety meeting with the crew.


Safe Employee of the Month – Brian Carter, gas crew laborer, nominated by Brad Allen and Daren Hawes – $100 award, letter of appreciation, and photo in the newspaper and company website. Brad wrote, “Brian is a self-motivated employee. He is given a number of different tasks and has handled them quite well. He is very cautious while digging as well as pipe fitting on the gas crew. He pays attention to what he is told and asks questions if he is unsure.” Daren wrote, “Brian consistently checks for changing job site conditions and dangers around him.”


Congratulations to all of the winners!

 Commited to Safety