January-February Safety Suggestion Breakfast

The January-February safety suggestion meal was postponed until April due to winter layoffs and scheduling conflicts. For January, Rick Vaughn’s crew won with a suggestion relating to the “What Ifs” of safety. The February safety topic was “Create a company safety slogan”, and there were so many good slogans submitted that we had a 4 way tie between crews, including Rick Vaughn’s crew, Danny Marston’s crew, JP Hyre’s crew and the Shop. Everyone on the crews who won for Jan-Feb were rewarded with a breakfast buffet at Golden Corral. Those in attendance were Dennis McFadden, Tommy Lambert Jr, Paul Stanley, Steve Hott, JP Hyre, Tim Smoot, Dave Lockhart, Jimmy Johnson, Chuck Miller, Tagg Shiley, Greg Quilling, Justin Phillippi, James Peer, Ronald Roomsburg, Peanut Runion, Wayne Miller, Paul Luttrell, Leo Hillyard, Larry Shade, Jack Crouse, Jack Smoot, Danny Marston, Elwood Bowman, Rick Vaughn, Mike Perry, Billy Rudolph, Ken Pracht and Laura Cooper.


Jan-Feb 2016 Breakfast at Golden Corral-2 Jan-Feb 2016 Breakfast at Golden Corral-1