January 2017 OSHA 30-Hour Class

January 2017 OSHA 30-hour Class

In January 2017 Perry Engineering held an OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety Outreach class for 12 employees. Included in the class were Project Managers, Field Supervisors, and a few hourly employees who asked to be in the class. A few of the topics we covered were the OSHA Focus-4 hazards, trenching, confined spaces, health hazards in construction, and heavy equipment safety including a special guest speaker who talked about off-road-tire safety. This class fulfills our goal of getting every field supervisor OSHA 30-hour trained and every hourly field employee at least OSHA 10-hour trained. Going forward, every new employee will receive this training. With this knowledge they will be better able to recognize and analyze safety hazards so that a safe course of action can be taken.