December 2016 Safety Suggestion Winners

Our monthly safety award winners for December are:

Monthly Employee Suggestion – Clark Rasmussen – $100 award – suggested that working in close quarters/small areas is hazardous and that some newer employees get too close to equipment operators and it is hard for the operator to see 360 degrees around the machine at all times. There should be a reminder at the safety kickoff strongly telling them to stay back and try to remain in one spot so that the operator knows where the employee is. If the employee moves around a lot the operator can lose track of the employee and could cause an injury to him. This will now be part of the safety kickoff.

Monthly Crew Suggestion – Mike Clem’s crew – breakfast or lunch – suggested that the problem is supervisors not staying involved and not keeping safety a top priority. His crew suggested the supervisor keep safety interesting and relate safety to the meeting topic. Keep safety alive by making crew members feel involved and ask them questions of how they would handle the topic and improve or correct it. Use the safety meeting topic to compare to activities as tasks on your job site in some form. This will help keep them interested and involved.

Safe Employee of the Month – Mark Propst, pipe crew laborer and operator, nominated by Rick Vaughn – $100, letter of appreciation, and photo in paper. He is being recognized for having worked for 30 years at Perry and having no recorded accidents. He is always mindful of and particular about his work. He has very rarely had any problems with the quality of his work.

Congratulations to all of the winners!