1 year no lost time

Perry Engineering was recently awarded by Travelers Insurance for achieving and surpassing the safety goal of 1 year/266,650 man-hours with no lost-time injuries.  It is with tremendous pride and pleasure that we congratulate each and every employee for doing their part in helping Perry Engineering achieve this goal.  We have made great strides in recent years in strengthening our safety culture and awareness thru a total company commitment to safety from the top down.  Our commitment to safety and our motto of “Safety First” has helped us achieve a goal which many thought would take much longer.  The company safety results are due to everyone being accountable and looking out for one another thru job specific safety plans, a safety committee, 30 hour OSHA safety training for foreman, inclusion of safety results in performance reviews, and most importantly the effort of each employee!  Our goal is to make Perry Engineering a leader in safety and with commitment by all we have achieved and surpassed the most important goal.  Thank you again for all your help in putting “Safety First” at Perry Engineering Company.

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Andy Stapor, Field Manager, Travelers Risk Control on left
Ken Pracht, Safety Director, Perry Engineering on right