Papermill Road – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Road improvements/widening including grading, drainage, and utilities for the Virginia Department of Transportation and the City of Winchester

Port Republic Road PH III – Harrisonburg, VA

Project Description:  Improvements to Port Republic Road, turn existing two lane road into a four lane, with sanitary, water, and storm sewer improvement.  Install curb and gutter, sidewalk with asphalt paving

Linda Lane – Harrisonburg, VA

Project Description:  New alignment construction of approximately 5,000 feet of roadway, box culvert installation, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water main, signalization, and utility relocations

Gainesboro Rt. 522 Improvements – Frederick County, VA

Project Description:  Lowering northbound lane on US Route 522 for site distance

Shenandoah Development – Frederick County, VA

Project Description:  Reconstruction of Route 340/522 and complete site work for Phase I housing development

Maranto Drive – Stephens City, VA

Project Description:  New road construction including site excavation, grading, underground utilities, site concrete, and paving

VDOT Rt. 3 – Culpeper

Project Description:  Site excavation and grading; Installation of new underground utilities; Road construction and paving

VDOT Route 340 Project # 0340-007-V10,C501,D606 – Waynesboro, VA

Project Description:  1.55 miles of roadway widening including: grading, drainage, asphalt pavement, retaining walls, drainage structures, utilities, and incidentals

VDOT Route 11/Route 37 Interchange – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Interchange modifications including: grading, drainage, asphalt pavement, utilities, and signalization

Construction and Realignment of Route 33 – Harrisonburg, VA

Project Description:  Roadway reconstruction of 1.8 miles of Route 33 West of Harrisonburg including extensive utility relocation, storm drainage, and signalization of traffic control