Tractor Supply – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Site development for 19,000 sf building.  Includes removal of  all existing sanitary and water services that were installed on project.  Grading, storm, sanitary and water with asphalt paving.

Zaxby’s- Winchester, VA

 Project Description:  Sitework for fast food casual restaurant consisting of building demolition, grading including importing fill from offsite, rock removal, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water, concrete paving and asphalt paving.


Project Description:  Sitework for small commercial property.  Consists of grading, storm sewer, sanitary, water, site concrete and asphalt paving.


Project Description:  Construction of 327 car parking lot including site lighting and landscaping.  Work consists of drilling and blasting of rock, excavating and stockpiling onsite of excess material, storm sewer, 4 bioretention ponds, site concrete and asphalting paving.  Total area of project is 6.5 acres.


Project Description:  Construction of a commercial site.  Includes import of 20,000 cy of structural fill for site grading.  Work consists of storm sewer, sanitary sewer including relocation and removal of existing 12″ and 15″ lines, and water line installation.  Several Filterra structures will be used for water quality.  Site concrete and paving will complete the […]

Car Max 6055 – Harrisonburg, VA

Project Description:  Demolition of existing car dealership property for new Car Max.  Work included lowering existing lot and hauling material offsite, site utilities, curbing, concrete paving, and asphalt paving.  Project was under tight schedule and included working during winter months.  Dealership was opened on time.

Chuckecheese – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Grading, storm sewer, filterras, sanitary, water, site concrete, utility conduits, and paving for restaurant.

Safford Chrysler – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Parking lot and building expansion for car dealership with improvements on Rt. 7

Walmart – Tasker Road – Frederick County, VA

Project Description:  Sitework for shopping center including storm, sanitary, water, site concrete and paving.

King George Gateway – City of Dahlgren, VA

Project Description:  Sitework for shopping center including storm, sanitary, water, site concrete and paving.  Also includes road improvements to VDOT road and construction of new boulevard to Mary Washington College.