Project Description:  210,000 sf warehouse building in same complex we did buildings 1 and 2 for same client. Project includes large storm sewer bypass line to divert run off water thru site.  Project includes 4,400 lf of storm sewer.  Typical warehouse construction including sanitary, water, concrete paving and asphalt paving.


Project Description: Building addition consisting of undercutting unsuitable fill adjacent to existing building, hauling this material offsite and importing structural fill to replace undercut – approximately 20,000 cy of material.  Also includes permeable paver employee parking, storm drainage, new truck parking lot and restoration.


Project Description: Reconstruction of existing elementary school with some demolition of existing facilities and installation of new utilities per current codes.  Includes construction of new stormwater pond in the location of rock outcropping.  Remainder of site work includes site concrete – curbing and sidewalk, and asphalt paving.

Access Road for Trex Office Building – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Construction of access road to new Trex office building off Crossover Boulevard.  Work consists of minor grading, storm, sanitary and water installation, curbing and asphalt paving.

CAFO Consent Pump Station Ph B.1 – Charles Town, WV

Project Description: Excavation for new pump station.  Pit is 35 feet deep and will include extensive shoring due to location near horse practice track and maintenance building.

Hope Drive Expansion – Winchester, VA

Project Description: Construction of Hope Drive between Valley Avenue and Pleasant Valley Road.  Includes new asphalt road, site concrete, storm, sanitary and water lines, new traffic signal, street lighting, landscaping, tunneling under railroad.  Work to be done while maintaining traffic flow in the area.  

Raven Oaks Subdivision – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Subdivision for 143 homes with over 100,000 cy of dirt/topsoil to move, 7,500 lf of storm sewer, 9,000 lf of sanitary main and laterals, and 6,100 lf of water line.  also includes curb and asphalt paving.

Trex Fleet Maintenance – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Site development for parking lot for Trex Company, Inc.  Work consists of clearing, grading, storm sewer piping and water management basin, asphalt paving, concrete scale foundation, outdoor lighting and conduit for lighting, IT and security; fencing, gates and landscaping. .

Tractor Supply – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Site development for 19,000 sf building.  Includes removal of  all existing sanitary and water services that were installed on project.  Grading, storm, sanitary and water with asphalt paving.

Heart and Vascular Entrance Improvements at WMC Hospital – Winchester, VA

Project Description:  Reconstruction of parking lot to provide better flow for handicap parking and pedestrian access to the entrance of the H&V building.  Work consists of demolition of the existing parking lot, new asphalt pavement, sidewalk and curbing.