April 2017 Safety Suggestion Lunch

Brian Shifflett’s crew won the April 2017 monthly Crew Safety Suggestion contest.  Crews are encouraged to submit safety suggestions and the supervisors vote for the best submission each month, with the winning crew receiving a breakfast or lunch award. The topic this month was “If you were training a newly hired operator, what 3 things are the most important for him to know?” Brian’s crew suggested that every new operator should have a supervisor watch them closely the first couple of days. If the operator is unsafe due to not knowing how to operate the piece of equipment he claimed he could, he should be terminated or transferred into another position. If an operator is rough but has the basic skills needed, work with him to make him a better operator. If an operator is uncomfortable in a situation, stop and see if we can eliminate some of the potential hazards. Attending the lunch at Chili’s restaurant in Gainesville, VA were Brian Shifflett, Billy Calhoun, Brandon Shanholtz, Billy Rudolph, Ken Pracht and Laura Cooper (not pictured).