2016 Annual Company Breakfast


2016 Company Breakfast


Perry Engineering held its annual Company Breakfast on Nov. 4, 2016, celebrating 65 years in business. This event is a time for employee fellowship, celebration of our accomplishments over the past year, recognition of those who reached milestones along the way, and a look forward to next year. We had 114 current employees and 10 retirees in attendance. Various safety awards were presented, about which you will find other articles on this web page, as well as length-of-service awards, including:

 5 Years

Brad Allen

Kim Burch

Leo Hillyard

Chuck Miller

 10 Years

Mark Jordan

Tim Smoot

 15 Years

Lisa Evans

Ken Pracht

20 Years

Chris Bowers

Charles Catlett

Donald “George” Didawick

James Eaton

James Peer

 25 Years

Robert “Doogie” Fisher

 30 Years
Scott “Pud” Golliday

Donnie Light

Diane Moreland

 40 Years

Rupert Werner

 Rupert Werner’s retirement as President of the Company was recognized with several awards and gifts as well as highlights from his 40 years of service. This was also our first Company breakfast since Kathryn Perry-Werner’s passing, and she is missed and remembered by all.

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